Office attire, part 1

Professionalism in the workplace is something I always strive to project. It’s important that others perceive you as someone who cares about their job and takes the work that they do, seriously. This is why it’s crucial that you “look the part.” 

Some people think this means you have to wear boring suits and stuffy clothes, but I would actually argue the opposite. You can be comfortable, chic, and professional at the same time. 

In the outfit below I chose loose fitting clothes, but a bit of a higher waisted pant to give the outfit some shape. The tones are neutral and cool, since it is still winter time, but the brown pants add a nice warmth to the colour palette. 

The shoes are definitely not winter shoes but I wore snow boots in to work and changed them once I got there. This was my first time wearing cropped pants that fall just above the ankle so I had a little trouble styling them at first. Let me know how you think I should style them in the future, or if you think I did a good job here. 

Feel free to experiment and play around with different neutral tones in the winter and don’t be afraid of the cropped pants. I rocked it today and even though I felt like a British school boy I kind of liked it.

A girl standing outside in the snow flipping her hair
Pants from Aritzia, blazer by Lauren Conrad
Rayban wayfarers add a classic look to any ensemble


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