Casual Friday Office Attire, part 2

In most workplaces, Fridays mean you can finally wear blue jeans to the office. Today I went for a laid back look with a bit of a bookworm theme. 

If you don’t already know this about me, I love to read. So naturally I have a few items of clothing with words on them. One of my favourite button down shirts is covered with random sentences. I paired this with a sweater with the word “smile” written in bold letters across the bottom. 

Word shirt from Simons

Sweater from Reitmans

I also wore my Burberry sneakers for the first time because I felt they go nicely with the preppy vibe I was giving off. 

Burberry sneakers

This outfit is versatile in the sense that you could also wear it if you’re a student. I’m thinking more college/university, but if you’re a very studious high school student you could wear something like this too! 

How do you like to dress on “blue jean” Friday at work? I admit this is one of my more laid back looks; usually I like to keep it extremely professional even on Fridays, but today I was in training all day so I wanted to be comfortable. 

Finished with a wool grey coat and hat, both from Roots

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