Books that I started to read but couldn’t finish

I’d say I’m a moderate to avid reader. People who know me think I’m a book worm (I’ll take that as a compliment). Often times, however, people might assume that just because I love reading, I love every book I read. Let me assure you, this is not true. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I rarely come across a book that I absolutely love, and sometimes I have to force myself to continue reading until I finish the book. But I’m not always able to finish. Therefore I’m sharing the list of books that I started to read but couldn’t finish, and my explanation for why I gave up on that book, below:

  1. Tesla by W. Bernard Carlson. I made it to page 38/413. I found this book to be way too technically specific, right off the bat, and it just turned me off from the get-go. It was tedious and I just wasn’t that interested in the inventor of electricity and his weird eccentricities. Will I be picking this book up again? NO.
  2. American Girls by Nanco Jo Sales. I made it to page 110/375. I bought this book because I like research novels (I highly recommend Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari) but this book had to many leaps, stretches, and generalizations for me to take it seriously. I felt like the author/researcher went out looking only for girls who use social media to send nudes to boys and didn’t talk to girls who don’t so it felt very biased at times. The author also seemed to jump from one subject to another, trying to make a connection between two completely unrelated issues, just to prove her point. Will I be picking this book up again? MAYBE
  3. Start with Why by Simon Sinek. I made it to page 66/228. I generally dislike self-help or self-improvement books, and this one didn’t seem to be any different. Too repetitive. Lacking substance. Couldn’t stomach it any longer. Will I be picking this book up again? NO
  4. Born with a Tooth by Joseph Boyden. I made it to page 18/250. Let me just start by saying I never liked Joseph Boyden and can’t handle any of his books. I literally had to physically force myself to finish The Orenda, and it STILL took me over a year, I hated it so much! His writing style just reeks of misrepresentation and I felt this way long before it came out that he has absolutely zero native heritage. Ugh, give me a break Boyden. Just read this excerpt and see if you don’t cringe with discomfort. “An Iroquois rez out by Beaverton’s already got a building going up with the same plan in mind. The Ontario politicians tried to stop them, and it was wasichu courts that declared Native autonomy. Roddy’s got that silver shovel in his closet and he’s ready to dig the first hole. After a big fight, he got the council to put up $25,000 when our New York Iroquois partners offered to help finance the casino deal. The Iroquois want to see if we can draw the crowds. It’s now down to the money to bring in the bulldozers. Roddy told me he wants me to be a casino manager.” It’s not even the content that bothers me, it’s literally his horrible writing. Will I be picking this book up again? NO
  5. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. I made it to page 40/653. I wanted to read this in October, but ended up reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King instead. This is supposedly one of the scariest novels in the world, so I was really interested in reading it. It starts off slow, as do a lot of Stephen King novels, but I can tell it’s probably good. The reason I stopped reading this was because I wasn’t in the spooky Halloween mood anymore. Will I be picking this book up again? YES
  6. Misery by Stephen King. I made it to page 82/338. They say that misery loves company… Well not this time. I’m sorry, but, this guy is trapped in a bed for at least these first 82 pages that I made it through, and it’s nothing but his first person narrative talking about being trapped in a bed and how much pain he’s in. I just… I can’t. Will I be picking this book up again? UNLIKELY
  7. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I made it to page 50/522. The employee at my local bookstore highly recommended this book to me. He also recommended Catcher in the Rye, which I loved, so I bought C&P. It’s a classic novel, originally written in Russian, and I can understand why. However, this book just seemed to be going absolutely nowhere for the first 50 pages. I couldn’t understand who was who, what was happening and eventually just got lost trying to read this while working and doing other things at the same time. I would love to be able to go on a two-week vacation and just finish this book without any distractions. I feel like it’s the kind of book that has to consume you, and I just don’t have time for that right now. Will I be picking this book up again? YES
  8. We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I made it to page 20/50. This is super embarrassing. I couldn’t even finish a 50 page novella about why I should be a feminist! But I feel like that’s why I couldn’t finish it. The first 15-20 pages seemed to be a rambling on about the author’s life and it wasn’t getting to the point quickly enough. I thought it should be in point form, and if it’s 50 pages, maybe there should be one reason on each page, as to why we should all be feminists, but no. Will I be picking this book up again? I PROBABLY SHOULD

So there you have it. Eight books I started to read but either lost interest in, got bored halfway through, or absolutely hated. Let me know which books you couldn’t finish, or had to force yourself to get through. Another book like that for me was Room by Emma Donoghue. That book was cringe city for me but I finished it, and hated it.


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