A visit to the new Ancaster Indigo & mini book haul

What better thing is there to do on a lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoon than visit your newly renovated local bookstore? Evidently  nothing, because that is exactly what everyone decided to do today! 

My brother Ryan standing outside of Indigo in Ancaster

If you didn’t know, the Chapters in Ancaster recently underwent a renovation and became an Indigo. So it’s still the same chain, just under a different name and completely different look. 

The first sight you see upon entering the new Indigo

I brought my brother to check out the new store with me, but we ran into quite a few people we know. Apparently great minds really do think alike because not only did my brother run into his friend Adriano, I also ran into my friend and fellow book lover, Sara. (PS – Sara is also an amazing blogger and writer. If you want to check out her website click here).

Inside the renovated Indigo

As I explored the discounted YA fiction, I heard a quiet but familiar voice almost whisper, “Chelsey?” I turned and to my pleasant surprise, there was Sara and her family out celebrating Father’s Day. 

Sara and I in front of the Game of Thrones Fantasy section 🙂

Needless to say, we immediately started talking about the new store and all the books we want to read over the next 10,000 years that it would take to read them. 

Then I ran into my favourite Ancaster Indigo employee, Will. We’ve probably been bookstore friends for over a year now because every time I go I see him and we start chatting. He always has great recommendations and when I showed him that I was getting one of the books he suggested today, we high-fived in the middle of the fiction section. 

I ended up getting three books, although I probably would have gotten more if I spent more time there, but I’m super happy about these picks. 

Victoria Schwab, or V.E. Schwab, is quickly becoming one of my favourite writers. I’m currently reading Vicious but decided to pick up A Darker Shade of Magic today. 

I also ended up getting a Heather’s Pick, because you can’t go wrong with those, and this one is called Everybody’s Son. 

Lastly, I got a book that Will recommended to me, and I wasn’t sure about it because there’s been some controversy, but I decided to see what it’s all about for myself  and grabbed 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. 

Overall, it was a fabulous day, filled with wonderful surprises and great friends. I feel refreshed and ready to keep reading. I loved to see how books can bring people together so today was very special and I’m grateful for it all. Until next time, keep reading.